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ER (Emergency Room)


Lifeline Emergency Cart


Designed for a code. Not adapted for one.

Lifeline's redesigned, integrated features are specifically designed for Code Response.

  • Maneuverable - An ergonomic handle and a propriety 5th wheel steering assist system assures maximum control in transit and maneuverability during a code.
  • Accessible - Storage areas for first line medications, airway and other critical supplies and equipment are designed to be accessed by multiple members of the code response team.
  • Secure - Tamper evident seals secure the top compartment, drawers and side bins and can be sealed in segments or one seal can secure the entire cart.
  • Organized - Full extension, self-closing drawers, drawer divider systems, exchange trays and drawer labels are available to allow for easy access and identification of drawer contents.

Plus the clean, contemporary design looks great in any hospital and is easily identified as the Code Response Cart.



GO2 Finger Tip Pulse Oxymeters

nonin go2

GO2 / GO2 LED Comparison

The GO2 personal fingertip oximeter line is ideal for at-home use and life on the go. All GO2 models are uniquely designed to face you and are built with the same doctor-trusted technology and durable, water-resistant construction. The GO2 line offers two different style products to choose from:


Screen Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - The GO2 displays numbers in black on a light-colored background and has a backlight that automatically turns on in low light conditions (the display is similar to most digital watches or calculators).

Size - The GO2 is our smallest fingertip pulse oximeter.

Dimensions: 2.75” Length, 1.5” Width, 1.125” Thick.
Available Colors: Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, Sunstone Orange.


Screen Display: Light Emitting Diode (LED) - The GO2 LED displays numbers in red on a dark-colored background for ultimate contrast and easy viewing in all light conditions (the display is similar to most alarm clocks).

Size - The GO2 LED is uniquely designed to rest comfortably across multiple fingers.

Dimensions: 3.0” Length, 2.2” Width, 1.125” Thick.

Available Colors: Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, Sunstone Orange.