Products and Solutions

ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

Dimeda Endocam 3000, 3 Chip Camera System


  • high-end video image quality
  • natural colour reproduction
  • on-screen-menu
  • remote camera head
  • new high-sensitive-CCD with 0,9 lux
M-CAM 3300 is a 3-CCD video camera of the latest generation with excellent image quality and outstanding colour reproduction for professional requirements. The M-CAM 3300 can be used for every endoscopic application with high demands. It is easy and flexible to use.


ENT Specialities & Flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscope

Dimeda has introduced Flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscope this year. This excellent diagnostic tool makes the life of ENT specialists easier by allowing them to insert the scope through nasal opening and viewing the sinus, pharynx and larynx in a matter of minutes and without causing much trauma to patients.

It is Dimeda's first ever flexible endoscope. Flexible endoscopes have traditionally been accessible only to top hospitals and clinics. We are pleased to offer this high quality, German designed, instrument at competitive prices, making it affordable even to small hospitals and specialists' practices worldwide.

  • Crystal clear image (with Saphire glass lenses)
  • High resolution (18,000 pixels)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Completely sealed
  • Non-Corrosive