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Merit-EndoTek Tracheobronchial Direct Visualization Stent System

Merit Endotek™ is a leader in the development of non-vascular interventional stent technology. Prior to the acquisition by Merit, Alveolus developed next-generation stent technology for use in the airway (AERO®), esophagus (ALIMAXX-E®), and biliary tract (ALIMAXX-B®) to build value and quality in the creation of interventional and palliative treatment alternatives


Sequal Sleep Comfort Care Pad

  • Decreases skin breakdown and facial sores
  • Acts as a barrier between mask and skin
  • Improves mask comfort- nasal & full face
  • Reimbursable under HCPS code A7032
  • Wash with warm water before each use.
  • Recommended replacement is approximately every 30 days.

Workhorse Oxygen Concentrators

The Workhorse simplifies the process of oxygen system selection and setup. Simply plug the unit in and turn it on for high purity oxygen delivery and reliably.

CPAP Masks

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